Jun 9

Oh My these Piggy Wiggies are SO CUTE!! When I first saw them online I ran them by my experts (ages 6 & 11 ;) ) before ordering them. They were both excited…saying “YES!! Get those!!” so I placed an order. When the box arrived I opened it and knew right away….my girls were going to drive me crazy over these. They want and get many of the things I carry (Advertising?? The girls offer their “free” advertising as a service to me really often!) so I could see that these cute little piggies were going to be high on their list of things they should help me out with. As soon as they saw them it started…”I should have one of those!” , “I could show mine to my friends and then they would want one!”, “You should really give me one of those Piggy Wiggies!” – the 11 year old is a pretty good negotiator :) I just heard “I would LOVE a Piggy Wiggie!!” from the 6 year old :) For now I am making them wait, however I am sure I will cave soon – Isn’t there a holiday coming up sometime soon?!  Or maybe a big chore that needs done around the house?!

Piggy Wiggies really are so adorable! They each have an important role in the Piggy Wiggie Family and they each have a unique personality. Mumsie is the Mom – she loves to look after the other Piggy Wiggies. Doodles is the Dad – he is strong and brave, but a big softy at heart. Yoyo is the Brother – he loves the outdoors and is fun to be around. Freckle is the Sister – she loves long walks and chocolate cake (YES!! Me too!!). Lelu is the Baby of the Family – she likes to socialize and loves affection. Bingy and Lilly are Sisters – they go everywhere together and are the best of friends.

Piggy Wiggies are cute, sweet, and hand crafted from socks. They do have buttons on their noses so remember – Ages 3 & up!

Adopt a Piggy Wiggie (or 2, or 3, or the whole Family!) today :)

One of my daughters is a Softball NUT!!!!  She is also Peace & Love CRAZY!!!  I was searching the internet one day looking for a special shirt for her that incorporated her love for softball with her love for peace & love :)  I came across the Katydid Tee Shirts and just knew she would be so excited to have one.  There was a problem though – everywhere online was sold out of the Peace, Love, Softball Shirt in the size I needed.  I emailed the designer in hopes she could help me and she totally came through with one shirt left in the perfect size!!  I was so excited about these shirts that I wanted to start carrying them and have been able to get a great variety of sports, colors, and sizes in stock.  I LOVE that Katydid shirts are high quality fitted tees and the tattoo-like designs are fantastic!   These shirts are womens/juniors sizes so are great for Moms, Teens, & Tweens.  I am planning to carry more Katydid products in the near future – she has some incredibly cute little girl tees & dresses too!

Needing some help with your Mother’s Day Gifts?  Here are some ideas (and HURRY!!):

Tech Candy iPhone and iPad Cases - These cases are so COOL!  Each set comes with 2 inner wraps in fantastic colors and 1 ultra chic outer shell (the sets also mix & match with eachother so buy more than one for more options!).  They protect your phone or iPad with style!  Tech Candy iPhone Cases fit the AT&T and Verizon iPhone 4, plus they also fit the new White iPhone 4.

Katydid Peace, Love, Sports Shirts - These shirts are perfect for the mom who is at every. single. one. of your games!  The other moms will be so jealous ;)

Buckyballs Magnets - Does your mom need something to do at her desk?  These are FUN!

Coil Bracelets & Sequin Rings - Pretty!  You can’t go wrong with unique jewelry!

TapeSwell Decorative Tape -  Is your mom crafty?  She probably needs some decorative tape added to her craft basket!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Apr 11

It isn’t too late to order goodies to help fill your Easter Baskets!  Here are some ideas:

Japanese Puzzle Erasers
Bunnies Peace Bunny, Bellifuls Bunny, Patches Bunny, Soft Spots Bunnies, Bunny Purses
Lambs –  Zoobies Lola the Lamb, Clementine the Lamb, Bellifuls Lamb
Chicks & Ducks –  Hug-A-Longs Duck, Hug-A-Longs Chick, Webkinz Duck, My Pillow Pets Duck Backpack
Jewelry –  Lucky BeeBee Charms, Peace Necklace, Heart Trio Necklace, Sequin Rings, Coil Bracelets
Stretchy Shapes and Zanybandz
Gift Certificates
Lil’ Teammates
Tech Candy iPhone & iPad Cases
Zhu Zhu Pets
Douglas Purses & Wristlets

Happy Easter! :) Save 12% with Coupon Code: EASTER at checkout!

 For some different reading than the usual here is a product review on Nutella  :)

I was recently offered the opportunity to have a Nutella Party from Mommy Parties (www.mommyparties.com).  I was happy as I already buy Nutella for my kids & husband.  I admit that I hadn’t tried Nutella….I would buy it, watch everyone else eat it, see the joy on their faces…..and know – I should never try that or I will never stop eating it!  Well, this was the perfect opportunity for me to finally try it.  We made some great recipes and I LOVED Nutella (everyone did….you really can’t go wrong with creamy chocolate goodness in a jar ;) ).  We will be going through our jar twice as fast now that I have realized how good it is!

A few recipes we tried:

Breakfast Roll Up
Spread a whole wheat tortilla with Nutella and sprinkle with dried cherries and chopped apricots (we used craisins :) ), roll up and eat on the go!

Waffle Sandwich
Toast 2 whole grain waffles. Spread one with Nutella, sprinkle with fresh fruit (strawberries & bananas are the BEST!). Top with remaining waffle & cut like a sandwich.

A recipe I really want to try:

Nutella Brownies
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 eggs
1 cup Nutella
1/2 cup brown sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted, room temperature

Preheat oven to 325, grease 9″ pan. In small mixing bowl mix flour & salt. In larger bowl mix eggs, Nutella, brown sugar, & vanilla with a mixer. Slowly add dry ingredients and butter. Mix well at low speed. Spread in pan and bake for 35 minutes :)

A few things I learned about Nutella:

It is YUMMY!
There are more than 50 hazelnuts in one 13 oz. jar of Nutella!
Nutella doesn’t contain peanuts or peanut ingredients – and the product doesn’t come in contact with peanuts during manufacturing.
Nutella doesn’t contain hydrogenated oil or trans fat & is low in sodium!

Coupon for $1 off Nutella


Thanks Mommy Parties and Nutella for a great breakfast party!

Mar 21

Save 40% off ALL Japanese Erasers until April 1st! These little erasers are perfect for party favors, Easter Basket fillers, Pinata Stuffers, collectibles, and MORE!

Mar 9

Another new Zoobies Blanket Pet! Flavio the Frog is so cute!! You just can’t go wrong with a plush toy, comfy pillow, and cozy blanket all-in-one! Don’t forget these can be personalized on the blanket :)  The blanket also zips out for easy washing!!

Mar 1

New Zoobies Blanket Pets are in stock!  These plush friends that become a pillow with a fleece blanket zipped inside are so FUN!  Zulu the Zebra is brand new and we also recently received Lola the Lamb (Great for Easter!).  We offer embroidery on the blankets for a very special personalized gift :)

I am SOOOOO excited about this new item we got in stock - Lil’ Teammates Officially Licensed Action Figures!!  Here is why I am jumping for joy:   First – I really have a hard time keeping up with boy trends.  To make a long story short – I just super stink at it, but try really hard!  Second – I think these are really cool and cute (is cute allowed when talking sports figures?  See…I have problems ;)  I know it is allowed when talking about Tom Brady, but past that??)  Third – Sports!!  I have a husband, dad, brother, and 4 nephews – and I know one thing about every single one of them – they LOVE SPORTS!  So these Lil’ Teammates have to be one of my awesomest purchases EVER!  These come in several different teams and sports!  They are collectible – Series 1 is the only Series out now, but more are coming!  Right now we are stocking NFL, NHL, NBA, and MLB.  There are College Teams available, but I haven’t ordered any yet so please leave a comment and/or send a message if you are interested in those and I will get them in!  You can also comment/message about teams you would like to see that we don’t currently have – I will try to get those in stock too!

So all this talk about the Lil’ Teammates brings us to my next question….  Is it against some cardinal rule to store Broncos figures right next to Raiders figures?  I have a feeling it is considered the ultimate defilement.  I am afraid to ask my husband.  In fact, I haven’t even let him see the little Raiders guys because I am afraid they will meet an untimely end (Burnt in the fire?  Fed to the dog?  Pins poked one by one?)!  One time my Dad & Brother wore Raiders pants just to be on the sidelines of a Bronco game.  Oooops, that slipped out!  Don’t tell anyone – I also have a feeling that was considered a complete embarrassment and should not be spoken about.  I bet they still have nightmares about it….I would know for sure if we were allowed to talk about it ;)

Shop for Lil’ Teammates HERE and someone hurry… buy up all those Raiders guys before any of these Bronco Fans figure out I have them!!

Oh how I LOVE Smencils!  And to keep my addiction to them going I just got Valentine Smencils….yep…Smalentines….in stock!  They smell delicious and come in great scents like Chocolate Raspberry, Chocolate Mint, Vanilla Cream, Strawberry Cream, & Love Candy.  PLUS, they also include a neck chain which can be threaded through the big plastic heart on the top of the plastic tube.  And who doesn’t want to wear a big plastic heart around their neck?? ;)  Your Valentine will LOVE you for these!  Only $2 each!  Scented Pencil, Jewelry, Valentine, and Environmentally-Friendly?  All for only TWO BUCKS?  Awesome :)

We gift wrap too!!